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Year of St. Joseph

Pope Francis announced a Year of St. Joseph, in honor of the 150th anniversary of the saint’s proclamation as patron of the Universal Church. Below are links to various websites with articles and information on St. Joseph, and the Year to honor him.

What Catholics Need to Know. Prayer to St. Joseph

Letter from Pope Francis An article from the Catholic Courier

These links are to Pro-Life sites to help you get informed...

1) The Sanctity of Human Life from Conception to Natural Death.

2) The Gospel of Life Compendium.

3) The Gospel of Life Study Guide.

Solemnity of Christ the King – 2021

Mass with Fr. Jeff at St. Mary's.

This week Lisa lectored, Tom provided music, and Fr. Jeff preached.

November 21st, 2021 - The Solemnity of Christ the King

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A Video Message from Bishop Matano regarding the Reorganization.

Creating a Safe Environment

As part of the Diocese of Rochester’s ongoing Creating a Safe Environment efforts and at the direction of Bishop Matano we are installing this link on our homepage. The link, below, is to the many resources in the Protecting Our Children portion of the diocesan website. https://www.dor.org/safe/

Read the Current Newsletters here...

Three ways of Praying for others who need our help.

Below are links to different organizations that will inform and encourage you in praying for others who need our help.

The groups include:

1. Persecution of Christians: Around the world, Christians are suffering for their faith in Jesus Christ.  November is the month when Christians are asked to educate themselves and pray for their brothers and sisters in Christ who are suffering persecution. Please make a commitment to learn more about Christian persecution and to pray for those in need. There is a table in the Chapel link with reading materials in the Columbia magazine of the Knights of Columbus and in the magazine The Voice of the Martyrs which share stories about current Christian persecution. Due to the serious nature of this information, reading materials should be viewed only by adults, but parents of teenagers may wish to share and discuss this information together.  Please also go to one of these links to learn more about Christian persecution today.

Information on the World Watch List                 Updates on individual's being persecuted

Catholic nuns in China                                          Attacks on the rise in Europe

Help with aid for the Church in need                 Hear from the Voice of the Martyrs

Read Pope Francis' article encouraging Catholics not to fear persecution and violence

2. Prayers for those in Purgatory. This one has a gift back for you. Pope Francis has extended a plenary indulgence to include all of November. Read about it at the the link below.

An article from the Vatican on Plenary indulgence for November

3. Spiritually adopting an unborn baby and praying for the child to have life!

Praying for an unborn Baby and Parents

There are other ways to get involved, starting with prayer is a powerful gift.