We’re grateful for the time and effort that parishioners put into this survey. We understand that there is no such thing as a perfect survey, including this one, which was given to us fromthe Diocese of Rochester for the purpose of consistency inmeasuring responses within Southern Tier Regional Catholic parishes.Yet, this survey, at least, givesus some valuable insights, ideas and feedback, as to what aspects of parish life we are strong in, and whatcould be improved. It’s impossible to please everyone in every aspect of parish life, since, quite often, certain aspects are a matter of individual preference, taste, personality, and experience. However, we are all called to work together as a family of faith to help maximize effectiveness in spreading the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ far and wide.

We received 121 surveys, not including ones received after March 27th.The following results are listed on a 5 to 1 scale for each parish aspect listed, with 5 indicating “very well,” down to 1, indicating “not well at all.” The number after the ranking under each aspect listed indicates how many received surveysused that ranking number for that aspect of parish life. Some people leftcertain statements blank, while others indicated they didn’t know enough about that aspect to rate it. Two people returned the whole survey blank(and they weren’t figured in the final numbers below), while 2coupleshad both the husband and wife give different responses to severalstatements.“Most important” and “most improvement needed” statements are found after each section’s statements are listed.  Various people’s comments,given at the end of each of the 4 main sections,end each section.

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